Macaron Tower for a Wedding

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

My older brother got married this November and when they hired us to make them a macaron tower we were really excited! My wife and I have been making macarons for a while now but we've never attempted to make a tower! So glad we did though! Although it was a bit stressful, the end result was totally worth it. Check out a picture below!

We made a total of three flavors. Pumpkin Spice (because it's fall and of course it's not fall unless there is pumpkin spice involved right?!), Guava & Cheese (a Cuban family staple), and Golden Oreo (cause Oreo's are delicious). Everyone at the party loved them! As soon as the first person took from the tower, there was a avalanche of people grabbing these delicious macarons (or macaroons as most people call them). Who would've thought that 230 macarons would only last 10 minutes!

The macaron tower was such a huge hit that we've already received some orders for people's birthday and holiday parties!

Want to classy up your wedding or impress your co-workers at the next event? Hire Morning Rose Bakery to make you a macaron tower to your liking! We promise you and your guests will love it! You could choose up to 4 colors, each with a different flavor. We service all of Brevard County (Titusville, Cocoa, Melbourne, Palm Bay, etc.) as well as parts of South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale) and Orlando.


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